600Breezy Enters The Drake & XXXTENTACION Beef

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600Breezy says Drake gave him permission to go after XXXTENTACION. As for XXX, he just told Breezy, "I got a couple n*ggas that will knock you off in your own city."

A notorious Chiraq soldier has involved himself in the conflict between Drake and XXXTENTACION. Unsurprisingly, 600Breezy -- the drill rapper who laid down a drop at the end of More Life's "Lose You" -- is backing Drake. 

Breezy addressed the beef -- which has been mostly instigated by XXXTENTACION -- via a social media recording that was reshared by DJ Akademiks. He first advised XXX to focus on his music and even praised the 19-year-old "Look At Me!" rapper, saying, "He got a good-ass fanbase, especially where he from. They riot for that man." 

"Motherfuckers don't understand how my voice ended up on this n*gga's album," said Breezy, explaining his rapport with Drake (and why he might feel compelled to come to the 6 God's defense). "'Cause Drake really fuck with me like that ... He make me wanna care about the rap shit." 

Though Breezy is currently confined to his home state due to legal issues, he revealed that he'll soon be able to freely travel the country -- at which point he'll be prepared for a run-in with the young Floridian. While speaking to his followers, Breezy basically confirmed that Drake has already given him permission to confront XXX, who has been coming at the OVO boss' neck ever since he got out of jail at the end of last month. 

"Any time I asked my homie, 'Can I get on somebody ass?' he always say, 'No,'" said Breezy about his past attempts to handle Drake's dirty work. In the case of XXX, though, Drake allegedly had a different response -- "... and this time, he just gave me a shrug, like, 'It's whatever 'cause he tweakin'.'" 

"That's all I need," said Breezy, officially placing the ball in the court of XXX, who unsurprisingly, has already clapped back at his new rival. 

Also addressing his foe via social media, XXX prefaced his response by admitting that his beef with Drake is for publicity's sake. "On some street shit," he continued, addressing Breezy, "I'm not gon' talk to you. I leave that to the hoes." Though he suggested he doesn't want his beef with Breezy to make it online, he did issue a violent threat to the Chicago hit man. 

"Listen bro, I got a couple n*ggas that will knock you off in your own city," warned XXX. "In your own fuckin' city! Tell these n*ggas to keep my fuckin' name out they mouth unless they want my dick in it too." 

As evidenced by the below tweet, Breezy can't wait to have his travel ban rescinded. Despite him and XXX each being in a precarious position with the law, neither rapper looks to be backing down anytime soon. 

600Breezy Enters The Drake & XXXTENTACION Beef
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