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Tayla Parx brings us her debut album, and with it "Runaway" featuring Khalid.

After having penned hits for the likes of Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera and more at the raw age of 23, Tayla Parx is embarking on a solo career. 

"TaylaMade came at a time when I was least inspired to write a story that wasn't my own," Parx told Billboard. "I'm 23 and I've written for most of the people I look up to and found that I've helped them tell their stories, but I still had so much to say from my perspective in a completely unique way."

Undoubtedly Parx has volumes of talent stowed away, ready at her disposal and we're curious to see what she's capable of doing on her own. For her track "Runaway," she links up with the sensational Khalid to deliver a soothing, RnB love song. Take a listen to the track here. 

Quotable Lyrics

I have a cabin in California
But the insanity is a couple months due
You have a house in Syracuse
It's been a roadtrip, me and you

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