Last time we heard from Euroz was back in August when he released “T.F.T.T.I.” Today the rapper gets his r&b crooning on, with his ultra smooth and spacey single “Aura.”

Euroz covers all bases on this hybrid track as he raps from the top of the record and blends his velvety vocals within his melodic verses. “Aura” has the sort of vibe that’s perfect for a late night cruise or a sultry rendezvous with an old flame. This track is incredibly mesmerizing and proves itself to be extremely easy to get lost in with the multitude of textures and constantly thumping rhythms it boasts.

Stream the new offering from Euroz and stay tuned for a lot more music from the artist in 2017.

Quotable Lyrics
Smoke some kill with a player
Make me chill while we lay up
Surface cool but you deep
I’m tryna peel back your layers
– Euroz