Hella Hoes (Remix)

Danny Brown and Aston Matthews have added verses to "Hella Hoes" for the remix.

BYTrevor Smith

What feels like an eternity ago, Danny Brown complained about his "Hella Hoes" remix being cut from the song on twitter. Things were very quickly patched up between Brown and the crew, but ever since, we've been hoping to hear what Danny brought to the table. Now that the Lords Never Worry project has been completely retired, the ASAP boys have shared a new version of the song, complete with the Danny verse as well as a contribution from Aston Matthews.

It's just as great as the original, with even more energy thanks to it's new additions. Look out formore new music from ASAP every Wednesday for the foreseeable future.

Quotable Lyrics:
I'm Shawn Michaels with the weapon drawn
Steady swing 'til your neck is gone
Watch your mouth and the toes that you're steppin' on
This young brick flip Chapo
Rarin', cutthroat gang, them choppers flarin'

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