Johnny May Cash’s My Last Days is quietly one of the best mixtapes of the year, but it hasn’t stopped the Chicago rapper from moving forward. Cash’s self-titled EP, and first retail release, is coming out June 30th on Chop Squad/Empire. The full tracklist and pre-order are up on iTunes now, and while this new record, “Hard To See” will not be included, Johnny’s single from a couple weeks back, “All Day,” does show up.

Meanwhile, “Hard To See” find Cash once again working with the glossiest auto-tune engineering in the game (is Chop responsible), and it doesn’t hurt that his melody game is also on point. Look out for the EP later this month.

Quotable Lyrics:
All of this paper I’m gettin’
It’s like gettin’ money my religion
It’s like fuckin’ bitches after bitches
Fuck some commas up