Many Dreams

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Montreal's Wasiu gives us "Many Dreams".

Wasiu outta Montreal has been impressing us lately, showing the Canadian hip-hop scene isn't confined to Toronto. He hooked up with Kaytranada on "Physical", and his latest cut further shows his ear for forward-thinking production, aligning himself with Soulection's Da-P dabeatX, also from Montreal. 

Da-P lays down a melancholic electronic beat built around a 2Pac sample ("Runnin"), and Wasiu raps on "the material dreams of a broke rapper aspiring for more". Wasiu is a lyrically-focused emcee, but his style is just as compelling as his substance. We know he's on to bigger and better things, but take the time to listen to his struggles on "Many Dreams". 

Let us know if you wanna hear more from MTL's Wasiu. 

Quotable Lyrics

It's for the children, don't forget the women too
Droppin' all this knowledge like I'm coughin' up my wisdom tooth
Bound to make a profit for my albums, man, I swear
Have my mama and my papa in Impalas, I don't care

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