DJ EFN dropped his album today, and if you’ve yet to check it out, the first thing you’ll notice is the varied and impressive list of features. Hailing from Miami, EFN has assembled a cast of rappers from all different scenes to help him create his debut LP.

On “Role Model,” the most recent track to make it’s way to SoundCloud, Bun B, Jarren Benton, Eric Biddines, and Amber Monique all show up to contribute, and the result is an uplifting track, that keeps things to straight ahead 16s, but mixes things up with some pop aspirations on the hook.

Quotable Lyrics:
The world that we live in is crooked and corrupt
So we gotta let the next generation know what’s up
We gotta give ’em the game that they need to survive
Make sure they don’t just exist, but they thrive