Who doesn’t love showing love to the area that helped mold them? Every hip hop artist from JAY Z to 2Pac has recorded an ode to their beloved hometowns or the places that have adopted them. And speaking of Pac, his “To Live & Die in L.A.” is one of the inspirations behind Rayven Justice’s newest track, which is titled “Live And Die In The Bay.” The singer-songwriter, along with Show Banga, J. Stalin & Kool John pay homage to the area they call home – The Bay Area. The song also includes an audio clip of 2Pac expressing his appreciation for The Bay. 

Listen to “Live And Die In The Bay” here and then let us know if Mr. Justice did this 2pac classic justice. 

Quotable Lines

So I give all my love to Oakland.
If I’m going to claim somewhere, I’m going to claim Oakland.
Oakland got it.
They got the players.