Insofar as the Atlanta dating pool, Fif seems to believe that it is, as they say, "strictly-dickly." Hip-hop's notorious troll has taken to Instagram  to question the current state of Atlanta's male-to-female ratio. "LOL Atlanta is outta control," he writes, alongside an image of an coquettish young gentleman, "it’s 7 women to 1 man down there because the boys want the boys. Don’t worry ladies 🏃🏽‍♂️💨 I’m on the way." Though 50 might have been tempted to throw in a "get the strap," he neglected to do so at the time of posting, perhaps in fear that the ladies in question might take it literally.

His comments come, perhaps coincidentally, mere hours after Young Thug proclaimed himself the "Drip God," emphasizing his role in popularizing skinny jeans; as he tells it, he took the insults aimed at his sexuality so the youth can freely stifle their legs with denim. Looking back, such a style is the polar opposite of 50's signature baggy-jean look, in which jeans fell freely from his body as if plotting an escape. One has to wonder what exactly 50 Cent has against Atlanta, a place that has produced some of the more fashion-inclined rappers in recent memory.

It wouldn't be surprising to see one of the more quick tempered Atlanta rappers take umbrage with Fif's claims, and perhaps after all this, we'll be looking at a newfound chapter in hip-hop history: the denim war. Should 50 indeed make good on his promise to play the rescuer, one has to wonder whether he'll find himself greeted by "many men." Many angry, hostile, skinny-jean clad men.