Legend or up-and-comer, 50 Cent does not discriminate where trolling is concerned. The iconic rapper has been deep in the midst of a back-and-forth with Busta Rhymes, which found neck slander and "fake nudes" being circulated like peddled smut. While a recent 6ix9ine-related diversion caught the bulk of Fif's attention, he has since set his sights on Busta Rhymes, this time taking aim at his straw-drinking habits. While perhaps a strange thing to target, 50 has managed to dedicate not one, but two posts, to his ignoble cause.

The first is a mere screencap, depicting Busta opening his mouth wide to receive a drinking straw. The second is video footage of the incident, which finds Busta going full on "Dungeon Dragon" to maximize his drinking experience. Admittedly, the video is amusing, especially given the relatively slender size of the straw. Clearly, 50 is making some subtle insinuations about Busta's mouth game, though some things are better left unsaid. Or perhaps, unseen.