The three-sided war between 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather, and T.I seems on the verge of hitting critical mass. Upon taking issue with Floyd's loyalty to the Gucci store, Tip Harris fired off "Fu*k N***a," complete with some incendiary cover art. Earlier this morning, Floyd Mayweather issued a statement of sorts, clapping back at 50 Cent and T.I with some particularly pointed subliminals. Floyd's message, which addresses a sense of hypocrisy permeating the rap game at large, seemed to resonate. At the very least, it certainly shone a spotlight on an interesting double standard.

In truth, Floyd might have expected this. An intellectual approach to the discussion was never going to be matched in kind by his longtime rival 50 Cent. Armed with a bully's spirit and undeniable charisma, Fif knows how to derail a discourse and reclaim the ball back into his court. While Floyd indeed raised some interesting points, Fif didn't seem to take notice. Instead, he opted to make fun of his "illiteracy," with a Ralph Wiggum-esque meme.

"Y we gotta boy cott Gucy? Fuck T Eye, he anit knowbody," writes 50, imagining Floyd's first draft. "His carear is ova!" And so on, so forth. The response remains on-brand for Fif, who opts to use ridicule as his primary means of dismantling an opponent. Of course, some might have wished for Fif to take a serious tone for once, as Floyd's points are, at the very least, worthy of a rhetorical tete-a-tete. Yet if there's mud on the field, why not sling it? 

Roy Rochlin/Getty Image