Hot 97 Summer Jam is always full of surprises, and one of the biggest this year was G-Unit's crash of Chris Brown's set. The last people we were expecting Breezy to bring out were 50 and the gang, but nevertheless, they came through with classic Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Records Like "What Up Gangsta" and "Many Men". 

Before Chris got back into his own hits, Fif shared an interesting story about his issues getting into Metlife Stadium. "They ain't want to let us in. They was patting us down like we had bombs," said the rapper, suggesting that security was looking for any excuse to stop the crew from making their way on stage.

Of course, G-Unit famously reunited on the Summer Jam stage last year, and the performance hosted an altercation and chain-snatching of fellow rapper Slowbucks, so it's no surprise the pat down was a little more strict this year.

Summer Jam is still going on, and there are sure to be plenty more guest appearances. You can catch the show here.