Always on the grind promoting, and growing his brand, 50 Cent sat down with XXL and talked about his latest movie “Freelancers”, as well as his new boxing promotional company.  Fifty also talked music, and was asked about Kanye’s “Perfect Bitch” track which is apparently about Kim Kardashian.  He wasn’t exactly flattering when asked if he believes in a “perfect” woman. 

When talking about his upcoming studio album Street King Immortal, the G-Unit rapper didn’t get into specifics except offering that he has put a lot of time into the album, and fans can expect a lot of music from him in the near future. 

Fif also addressed beef with Young Buck, and discussed the current trend of hip hop, and how it will change saying, “[T]hat hipster vibe, like the black hippies,where everyone wanna get high and have fun…it will turn around.”

Check out excerpts from the interview below. 


[Yesterday, August 7], Kanye took to his Twitter to announce that he wrote the song “Perfect Bitch” about Kim Kardashian. What do you think?

I mean…if that man feel like she perfect, then she’s perfect. He could mean it and you’ll end up singing the words to it because he’s Kanye. You know how it is? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Is there such a thing as a perfect chick in your eyes?

I’m not sure. The smartest guys I know have lost being a bad judge of character in that area.

With your upcoming album, Street King Immortal, what are some collaborations that might throw people for a loop?

I can’t offer what collaborations I’ll be actually having, but I want to say is the actual project itself was the longest body of work I had an opportunity to work on besides  Get Rich Or Die Trying. It feels like the first step is working real well as far as “New Day” is concerned. As far as what’s next, they’re gonna see what I have next. I’m not gonna wait a long time. You’re gonna hear new stuff from me.

On Monday (August 6), Young Buck turned himself in to begin his 18-month prison sentence on weapon charges. In an interview with XXL, he said he’s still up for a conversation with you. What are your thoughts on his sentence and possible conversation?

I think it’s unfortunate. I don’t wish that on nobody, having to sit in the joint. But I don’t know how to respond in a nice way to blatant disrespect that was offered. I’m the kind of person that I don’t let go of things easy, I’ll be honest with you. If I’m the driving force behind why the situation is what it is, I’ll accept it. But when I can’t see what I’ve done to offer it, then I think that was just a plan that didn’t go right. If it went the way they wanted it to, there would still be no white flag. That goes across the board…even with my personal relationships with women. It’s always people looking for what they want out of it.

How do you feel about newer MCs throwing around the phrase “classic,” when talking about their album? Back in the day, that was something that the public would decide.

Well, what rules are we following by? There was a period, where how many mics you got in The Source meant something or if you got the extra, extra large in XXL. The Top MCs for MTV and them doing that…these different things kinda make people lose interest in where they’re being placed publically. If the person judging you doesn’t even write music, that’s pretty odd for them to place where you are. The person they’re saying is “he’s cool, but…” is selling records, while the person that they’re saying is “lyrical” ain’t selling shit. When you say classic, it’s music that’s going to mark time. Those hit records, you can’t deny them. They’re going to be back. Things trend in hip-hop and there’s cycles. Before 50 Cent, there was DMX that had that kind of aggressive energy. Then, you had Ja [Rule] and Nelly and a lot of the lighthearted music became big. They had big songs, but they didn’t have the same aggression you’d face in the environments that we come out of. That hipster vibe, like the black hippies, where everyone wanna get high and have fun…it will turn around. I don’t follow the trend of what they’re doing. Get Rich or Die Tryin stood apart and it was that thing they gravitated to and it worked with intensity. I feel like this album I’m getting ready to launch can do the same thing.