Mark Zuckerberg has been having a rough time since it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a digital consulting company who worked with the Trump campaign, took tens of millions of users' personal data without permission for use in their voter analysis. Since then the company's stock has plummeted, and Mark was called to testify in front of the U.S. congress to explain Facebook's role in the scandal.

Now, despite having been very slickly portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg in the David Fincher film The Social Network, Mark Zuckerberg isn't exactly the most human-seeming dude around, just watch this video of Mark talking about new Facebook filters. Every time Mark makes an appearance in public, the lizard person and robot memes start flying. 

So naturally, Mark's very public appearance in front of the entire U.S. congress was fertile ground for thousands of jokes at his expense, and 50 Cent, ever the troll, decided to get in on the action.

This morning 50 posted a photo on his Instagram of Mark Zuckerberg, contrasted with Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with the caption, "👀what the fuck is going on here Mark,😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi." While the two of them do look remarkably similar in the context of this photo, 50 is being sort of unfair here. Unlike Mark, Data is an actual robot, and also unlike Mark, Data is actually likeable.

50 Cent may want to watch who he's going after though, as it would be scary to have beef with a billionaire who has access to all of your information.