50 Cent made headlines earlier this week when he reached a settlement with his creditors to pay back 74% of what he owes them. However, it appears that 50 Cent (or someone on his team) has learned from the experience, because as of last night, 50 Cent will no longer be personally running his Instagram account.

It was actually pretty unusual that 50 Cent was making the posts himself, since most people on his level of fame and fortune (bankruptcy notwithstanding) hire people to run social media for them. Based on 50’s posting patterns, he may have liked Instagram a bit too much.

Just before making the “Big Announcement,” the Queens rapper posted a series of photos showing destitute homeless men while going on a tirade against his treatment in the court system. He apparently feels like he was singled out for being a wealthy black man who got rich off of hip hop.

“The system is so messed up, the law applies differently to people based on personal perception of them,” 50 writes in one post. “They know the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7 they just never saw anyone from HipHop culture use it,” he adds in another. Most surprisingly, he reveals that “someone from the Secret Service is asking if prop money was counter fitted [sic].” The Secret Service, in addition to protecting the President, are in charge of investigating all instances of counterfeit money.

We’re a bit iffy on using pictures of homeless people to describe the plight of a millionaire, but 50 Cent certainly makes some good points. He seems truly fed up, which may have lead to quitting Instagram. We’ll miss your memes, 50.