Drake recently told a story about being nearly arrested in Jamaica after refusing to censor himself at a concert, and it seems like 50 Cent has found himself in a similar situation in Saint Kitts this weekend, except Fif wasn't able to get out of it. According to TMZ, the rapper was told not to curse during his set for 40,000 attendees in the Caribbean, but he went ahead and dropped a "motherfucker" anyway, leading to his arrest by local authorities.

The "profanity in public" charge is said to be a minor offense, but it does mean the rapper won't be able to leave Saint Kitts until Monday after his hearing, where he will pay a fine -- kind of like a swearing jar. Outside of the tax, spending another day on the islands doesn't seem like the worst punishment for 50.

Revisit Drake's Nardwuar interview to hear how he (with the help of Beenie Man and Mavado) was able to evade such charges.