"The sophomore album is one of the most treacherous obstacles for any rapper," said G-Eazy in his recent HNHH interview. "I dug as deep as I could until I was literally drained of inspiration."

His sophomore album When It's Dark Out drops on December 4th, and G-Eazy is excited. He whittled it down from 60-some songs to about 15, and last night he held an "intimate listening party" at Premiere Studios, formerly known as Quad Studios, aka the studio where Tupac got shot. HNHH was lucky enough to score an invitation.

Young Gerald was on his The Outsiders shit as usual, wearing an off-white Supreme jacket and high-top Converse sneakers. Once the studio had filled up, he ordered a chicken and rice bowl from the curry spot across the street and told the studio manager, "dim the lights." Sitting at the massive studio console, he swiveled around his chair, hunched his lanky frame over his laptop, and pressed play. 

There were some Mets fan in the room who were initially trying to multitask and watch Game 2 of the World Series that was playing on the TV in the adjacent room. But the Mets were forgotten almost immediately once the album got going. The crowd nodded along enthusiastically throughout, but no one nodded harder than G-Eazy himself, Gerald Gilliam with his hands in the pockets of his Supreme jacket.