Sean Kingston Wants New Trial In Jewelry Case

Sean Kingston wants a do-over.

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It may be a distant memory for some, but Sean Kingston was once a pretty big deal. With hits like "Beautiful Girls" and "Fire Burning," Kingston was one of the few artists who managed to cross over to mainstream radio with a more island rhythm to his music, in an era when the pop music landscape was dominated by mostly EDM artists. However, he's become a wanted man since then and now, according to TMZ, is asking the judge for a new trial in an outstanding court case that could ultimately send him to jail.

The backstory goes like this: Sean was ordered to pay a Florida jeweler $44,000 in December. However, the latest report states that the payment still hasn't gone through, making the Miami, Florida native wanted by police. A warrant had been put out for his arrest, but Kingston is asking the judge to drop it and seems to be citing ignorance as the reason. According to new legal documentation filed by the artist, he was supposedly unaware about the order - he thought the papers he got were for another case against him, so he ignored them completely. However, that doesn't mean that Kingston is trying to avoid culpability. He says he's regretful and ready to take responsibility for his actions, but wants a new be understanding to his current situation as well. Kingston is allegedly representing himself for reasons of "financial efficiency" and has had health issues of late after being robbed and assaulted not too long ago.

In terms of the items that he hasn't paid for, the singer claims that he's since returned some of the pieces he purchased from Haimov Jewelers and even tried to set up a mutually beneficial payment plan, but the merchants were supposedly unwilling to accept those parameters. Haimov commented that this particular story is bogus, claiming that Kingston hasn't returned any of the jewelry they still lack payment for and that he never reached out about a payment plan of any sort. It looks like dark days could be ahead for Kingston and his legal  troubles. Without a new trial and/or some divine legal intervention, this process could almost certainly end in the artist looking at jail time.

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