A$AP Rocky Called "WhatsApp" Rocky By Oasis' Liam Gallagher

A$AP Rocky's name gets butchered.

BYMatt F
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Leave to an aging rock star to mispronounce a rapper's name in the funniest way possible, amiright?

The Oasis front man is the latest cover star for the British version of GQ magazine and, as is customary, gave an in-depth interview about his new album and music in general. In the process, he reveals that his kids are in to grime music. That's right - the guy who's best known for singing "Wonderwall" is the father to some major hip-hop heads.

"Stormzy, Skepta—he seems pretty mad. I like him," said Gallagher. "They also like that bloke, WhatsApp Ricky. You know, the American geezer, stylish, funny, gold teeth." When he was asked if he really meant A$AP Rocky, Gallagher responded with, "Oh yeah, that's the fella. WhatsApp Ricky. That’s a better f**king name anyway." In the words of Judd Nelson from the immortal 1980's classic The Breakfast Club, "not even close, bud."

First of all, can we admit that Gallagher's description of Rocky's persona has got to be one of the most original ever? Has the A$AP Mob member ever been referred to as a geezer before? The answers to those questions seem obvious, but not as obvious as the answer to this one: what's the deal with mixing up A$AP with WhatsApp? I'm not sure being named after a texting app is quite what the million-selling rapper had in mind.

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