Last week, Vic Mensa catapulted himself back into the public eye with the surprise release of The Manuscripta concise, engaging EP. With an another EP and album on the way, Vic has hit the promotional circuit, stopping by Real 92.3 for an interview with DJ Damage and Bootleg Kev. The rapper spoke about his current state in the game, including his latest project, before conversation turned to Tidal and Jay Z

When asked about the 4:44 project, Mensa played coy, stating “It’s an important number. It’s symbolic. It means things and people will find out.” While it was originally revealed to be a movie starring Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’o, there are many who suspect the release will be the catalyst for some new Jigga. 

On the note, Mensa also teases that he may or may not have heard some new Jay music, stating “I might have heard something, a little bit,” in a tone that suggests yes, he definitely has. When asked if he happens to appear on any of that music, he replies with an enigmatic “we’ll see.” 

Check the full interview below.