Monday, Chance The Rapper tweeted that he is looking for an intern with “experience in putting together decks and writing proposals.” Well, one applicant got creative and put up his resume on a website designed like a tour list.

The applicant, who goes by the name Hospey, names the site “Hospey Presents: The Cover Letter Tour.” Instead of tour dates, he posted his work history and the first time he saw Chance live. 

“If there is anyone outside of Chicago that understands what Chance the Rapper represents, and is capable of lending an effort to continue to [sic] movement, it is me,” he writes while praising the Grammy-winning Chicago emcee.

Proving his devotion borders on fanaticism, the would-be intern said he spent five hours on the website and once drove 15 hours to meet his idol at a dodgeball game in Vancouver. Nevertheless, this might show he’s well qualified. Check out his website right here.