In an interview with YouTuber EricTheYoungGawd, producer Syk Sense called music being considered for the upcoming Kendrick Lamar album “some of the hardest shit I’ve heard.”

He offered the caveat that he had only listened to many of the beats Kendrick was weighing, and he wasn’t sure exactly what would make the album, but he struggled to put his awe into words.

“We’ve got some new guys that’s really gonna make a name for themselves with these beats,” he said. “It’s not like the jazzy tape you would think, its like… fucking Memphis. It’s LA, it’s Memphis.”

When asked if the album resembled “Untitled 07,” Syk replied,  “In a way. But it’s on some different shit. I don’t even know how to explain it. I can’t wait either to be honest, because Kendrick is such an elevated mind, you just never know.”

He also offered some insight into the making of the first portion of “The Heart Part 4.” He was casually working in the studio with Khalid, whose breakout single “Location” he produced, and his friend Axl Folie. They reversed a few vocal lines Khalid laid down, interspersed some among vocal lines running forward, added effects, keys, and drums.

“We just got this vibe, and we’re just sitting there, like, ‘fuck, man, this shit is crazy!'” Syk recalled. “Axl, he knows Kendrick, just personally, he’s produced for him before, so he sent him this beat. It was so fast. I’ve never had anybody saying they wanted a beat so quick.” 

The Kendrick portion of Syk’s interview begins at 35:20 below.