Dave Chappelle isn’t afraid to call out his fellow comedians, such as when he griped about “watching Key & Peele do my show the last five fucking years” during a standup show in October. In his new standup special on Netflix, Chappelle pokes fun at another huge comedian: Kevin Hart. 

He did a whole bit on Hart, whom is as beloved right now as Bill Cosby was in his heyday, says Chappelle. He commanded the audience, “Imagine if you found out 40 years from now that Kevin Hart raped 54 people,” before moving on to a lighter anecdote involving the slight comedian. 

In the spirit of the “Nick Cannon is hilarious” sketch from Chappelle’s Show, he remembered taking his then-12-year-old son to a Kevin Hart show and being overcome with envy at Hart’s level of stardom. He couldn’t believe the ticket prices — $125 a pop — and he was even more bothered by just how much the crowd adored the Get Hard actor, his son especially. “I was furious,” he hilariously recalled. 

Still, he couldn’t resist his son’s request to meet Hart, who ended up treating them to a feast backstage. What got Chappelle most in his feelings was when Hart gave his son a jersey with “K. Hart” on the back and said, “If your father ever makes you mad, put that on.” “Oh, that was some cold shit!” laughed Chappelle. 

The jokes were clearly in good fun, and despite his jealousy, Chappelle obviously admires Hart’s career. Even so, fans of both comedians were wondering if Hart has watched the bit, and if so, what he has to say about it. Hart let his thoughts be known on Twitter, revealing that Chappelle happens to be one of his favorite comedians and that he loved his new standup special.