Empire has proved to a huge success, pulling in big numbers with its season 2 premiere last week. Naturally, any time something makes a big splash, the big guns start to see dollar signs and call for more of the same (see the many rumors already circulating about 90s rap biopics following Straight Outta Compton).

Rather than a cheap imitation however (though we’ll probably see a couple), Fox is looking into hosting a proper spinoff from the show, something creator Lee Daniels has had in mind for a while now. 

“If there’s a character … that feels original enough, has enough momentum and enough of a storytelling engine, we will definitely look to spin Empire off for next season,” said, Dana Walde, Fox TV Group’s co-chief.

Daniels picked Cookie as the potential spinoff star a little while back, but no official decisions have been made. “There’s so much ripe story that we’ve talked about already,” he said of a show centering around Mrs Lyon. “Cookie’s family, what makes her her. That in itself is fascinating to me.”

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