Most rappers spend their birthdays throwing stacks at the strip club and turning up with their friends. For his 39th, however, Future is doing things a bit differently. For at least part of his big day, the “Mask Off” hitmaker was chewed out by one of his baby mamas via her Instagram Story.

Hendrix celebrated another trip around the Sun on Sunday (November 20). At the same time, his co-parent wrote on social media, “Says the unsuccessful father” to kick off a particularly lengthy rant about the things she’s learned from her time spent so closely with famous people over the years.

Rapper Future attends “Ferdinand” special screening hosted by Future & FreeWishes Foundation at Regal Atlantic Station on December 9, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 20th Century Fox)

“When he told me someone who isn’t rich is not successful… I knew then he was burnt out,” she went on. “This is coming from the same man who would call me and tell me how unhappy he was and how lost he is… And how he isn’t at peace… That only confirms that success is bigger than being rich.”

Allowing herself to brag for a moment, Future’s BM wrote, “I’m successful in many areas in life. Successful mother, successful hustler, and I am at peace with who I am. No money in the world can buy inner peace and happiness. It feels good to have, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t fix a broken soul.”

“Once you have everything money can buy, what is next? [You] don’t even have emotion to anything, so next step is to purify the soul.”

Following that, the rapper’s former lover suggested that rich people turn to sex and drugs to give them “some type of feeling” when they’re numb. “Not being able to trust or know who is genuinely there for you… To not have privacy and to always have to pretend for the world because of your image,” she ranted.

“It can really destroy them. [Fame] can create a lot of mental damage. I know this from talking [privately] to a lot of famous individuals, including him. I rather money, not the fame.”

In her last post, after airing him out with no shame, Future’s ex addressed the fact that yesterday was a special day for the Atlanta native.

“I forgot it was his birthday today, Happy Birthday,” she wrote. “He shouldn’t be texting me BS on his birthday. Enjoy your day [crying laughing emoji].”

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