Yung Bleu Details Working With Lil Wayne On "Soul Child"

The sizzling track will be included on Bleu's Friday release, "Tantra."

BYErika Marie
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Yung Bleu, Lil Wayne

Just over a year ago, Yung Bleu spoke about Lil Wayne's impact on his songwriting. Artists often praise Weezy for his contributions to the industry and the Rap icon has solidified himself as a GOAT. This makes Lil Wayne one of the most sought-after collaborators in the industry, and Bleu snagged himself a feature.

This Friday (November 11), Bleu is returning with his sophomore studio album, Tantra. It arrives almost a year and a half after his star-studded Moon Boy, and Bleu is leading the way with "Soul Child."

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Earlier today (November 7), Bleu Vandross shared the Tantra inclusion and fans have been praising the collaboration online. Additionally, he caught up with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1 to discuss his anticipated release and to detail working with Wayne.

"Kind of just paying homage to the way Wayne like to record, and Wayne just say a lot of stuff on the beat," said Bleu. "And then, you usually have to go in there and just make a hook. So, that's kind of how I approached the song. It was just beautiful that way of just seeing us come together, like two different spectrums of music, and just putting it together to make a hard-ass track.

Of course, Zane wouldn't let him off without spilling details about what we can expect from Tantra. Bleu called it a "collection" of thoughts and emotions about his life changes.

"I'm kind of summing up what's been going on with my career now," he added. "My mindstate, giving people some classic sh*t and just some good songs. Just keep going down that path of giving people beautiful songs. Good songs. Songs that last. So it's just one of those type of albums where I just take my time with it and just give people songs that's going last, you know what I'm saying?"

Are you excited about Tantra? If you haven't already, listen to "Soul Child" below.

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