Sha EK Drops Off Fiery "O To The G"

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Sha EK is back with a new Drill EP.

It's been quite a year for Drill phenom Sha EK. The Bronx rapper dropped his debut album, Face of the What, in September to much acclaim. The project included features from fellow Drill figures Bandmanrill, Sleazyworld Go, and PGF Nuk, and went hard from front to back.

After the release, he was slated to perform at Rolling Loud New York, but was barred from getting on stage by the NYPD. The police said that EK, Ron Suno, and 22Gz would create a "higher risk of violence" if they performed.

The setback hasn't slowed EK down, however. He's now back with O to the G, a hard-hitting and ruthless EP. On the first track, "O to the G," EK utilizes his familiar yelled delivery over a sample of what sounds like a sitar. The lyrics are classic Sha EK tough-talking. "No security, n***a, just me and my gang you know we movin' dirty / We always screamin' out, 'Free all the guys,' but them n***as just freed 30 / We had to go through all of that s**t in the hood, now we don't gotta worry," EK spits.

But Sha EK's got a softer side, too. On the titular track he also acknowledges how incredible it is that he's come so far. "Had the whole class screamin', "Uh-Huh" / That s**t was crazy to me," he notes. He's got a big heart too: "I love my b***h, when it comes to that girl, spendin' bread is like nothin' to me."

"Billboard Baby," the next song on the three-track project, shows Sha EK on a more conventional Drill beat. As such, Sha delivers more conventional flexing. "I get the money and flip that / N***as be broke so I know they don't get that / If the drip is expensive I get that / And the chop cost a band, word to bro I'ma get that," he boasts.

As the title suggests, "Billboard Baby" focuses on just how young Sha EK is. "Only 19 and I hit the billboard," he raps. "Told my mother, she happy I did that." It's an impressive feat.

On "Level Up," Sha continues to examine his new success, this time looking at how its affected his relationship with the streets. Check out the project below.


  1. O to the G
  2. Billboard Baby
  3. Level I'm At

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