Rumors have circulated in the past few weeks that the Migos are splitting up. It began when Quavo and Takeoff made their debut as Unc & Phew with the single, “Hotel Lobby.” Offset’s exclusion on the record prompted speculation of a break-up then Internet sleuths discovered that both Quavo and ‘Set unfollowed each other.

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Migos Chain Amid Break-Up Rumors">
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Though it might seem like there’s some sort of internal conflict between the Atlanta trio, Quavo’s birthday gift to Takeoff suggests otherwise. TMZ caught up with Elliot Elliantte who revealed that he commissioned the new chain for Takeoff’s 28th birthday. Now, all three of the rappers have matching Migos chains and it feels like it’s a small sign that there is hope for more music from Migos in the near future.

Quavo and Offset received similar chains as birthday gifts while Quavo just dropped $350K for the elaborate piece.

Earlier this month, Migos were scheduled to perform at Governor’s Ball but ultimately had to nix their performance. Some regarded it as a sure sign that Migos were calling it quits. However, a rep for Migos later revealed that they had to nix the performance because of scheduling conflicts. Quavo was shooting a movie at the end, which put their performance schedule on hold.

While Quavo, Takeoff and Offset have yet to comment on the rumors, maybe we’ll be hearing all three on a track this summer.