Rick Ross Shares His Thoughts On The Tesla Cybertruck

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Image via HNHH
Rick Ross

Rick Ross wants to have a candid conversation with Elon Musk.

Rick Ross has a long-documented passion for cars. The Richer Than I Ever Been has been rapping about BMW 745s and other classic cars since his debut single "Hustlin'" in 2006. In the weeks leading up to his recent car and bike show in Atlanta, Ricky Rozay regularly showcased an incredible variety of vehicles on his Instagram, from rare collector's items like a mint condition 1959 El Camino to more eccentric purchases like go-karts and vintage NASCAR cars.

Ross' collection goes well beyond rare and classic cars, however. As we've seen over the past month or so, the MMG Founder also boasts some pretty insane whips in his sprawling fleet, including a camouflage military tank with a Louis Vuitton-customized interior and a fully functional firetruck from the late 1960s. 

Rick Ross Shares His Thoughts On The Tesla Cybertruck
Image via HNHH

Basically, Rick Ross is buying whatever he wants, whenever he wants, but in his recent interview with HNHH, he revealed that there are still some cars that he is skeptical about purchasing — namely, Tesla's highly anticipated Cybertruck.

As someone who has been very vocal about not being convinced about cryptocurrency and NFTS, it appears that Rozay feels the same way about Tesla's ambitious and innovative truck.

"I haven't even put a lot of thought into it," The Boss hilariously confesses. "That's something Elon gon' have to convince me. I seen him a month ago. Next time I bump into him, he gon' have to convince me into that." 

"I walk past cars every day that I can purchase. Every day, but am I gon' purchase it? I'm not sure yet." Ross continues, explaining that although he has the ability to purchase any vehicle that he wants, he doesn't want to make an impulse purchase and regret it later.

Hopefully, Elon Musk can convince Rick Ross to buy into the Tesla Cybertruck so we can all see Rozay take a joyride in the futuristic vehicle. Keep it locked to HNHH for more Rick Ross-related news, and check out his brand new cover story here.

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