Saweetie Plans To Place Her Grammy "Somewhere Special," Will Take Date To Ceremony

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The rapper sat down and spoke about her 2 Grammy noms while sharing that she sometimes misses the "college Saweetie."

We're just weeks away from learning who will take home those coveted Grammy awards and Saweetie is reflecting on learning of her first nominations. The Bay Area rapper expressed her excitement months ago after it was revealed that she is up for Best New Artist as well as Best Rap Song for her Doja Cat-assisted hit, "Best Friend." Although she has yet to take home the gold, Saweetie told the PEOPLE Every Day podcast that she has plans to place her Grammy "somewhere special" in her home.

"When you work really hard, it's always nice to get acknowledged," said the rapper, adding that she was in complete "shock" at the news of her nominations. "I screamed, [I] did a lot of things."

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Saweetie also spoke about the industry, emphasizing that there is more that goes on than hopefuls realize.

"I just feel like as artists, you know, we have it tough. I feel like we have all the spotlight on us and people think that it's glamorous when in all actuality there are a lot of difficult things that happen behind the scenes," she said. "Hopefully you have a great team. Hopefully, the creatives that you're working with, aren't overcharging you ... It's like everyone who's around: You have to pay for this. You have to pay [for that]."

"I miss college Saweetie, and me meeting other creatives," she added. "I just wanted to make something else. Now everyone wants to charge for every second and it kind of just takes the art out of it." Meanwhile, she also revealed that she will be bringing a date to the Grammys next month, but she's keeping those details under wraps.

Listen to Saweetie's interview below.


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