Twitter Asks Why Adele Doesn’t Have Backup Dancers & The Responses Have Us In Tears

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The responses are hilarious, to say the least.

Every so often, an innocent Twitter user finds the courage to ask a question that results in them being clowned all across the internet, simply for the greater good of entertainment. The most recent example of that happened when someone began pondering why “Someone Like You” singer Adele doesn’t have backup dancers.

The initial tweet, posted on November 22nd, has earned thousands of responses from clever internet trolls who took the time to edit some of the English star’s biggest hits over popular dancing videos. Arguably one of the most comedic clips shows Megan Thee Stallion and her entourage performing the sultry, booty-shaking choreography to her hit, “Body,” while Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge” plays in the background.

Another favourite takes us back to Beyoncé’s unforgettable Beychella performance, but instead of her music, we hear the 33-year-old’s “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).” Many viewers couldn’t help but point out just how in-sync Adele’s song is with Queen B’s choreography.

Twitter has been absolutely loving Adele since she made her way back into the spotlight a few months back. She recently dropped off her long-awaited project, 30, and pushed boundaries by getting Spotify to remove the shuffle button as the default option on the app’s album pages. Now, users will be more inclined to listen chronologically, rather than skipping around haphazardly.

Do you think that the “Rumour Has It” hitmaker should take backup dancers with her on her next tour? Let us know below.

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