Wiz Khalifa Drops Off “Multiverse” Ft. THEY. & Girl Talk

Get ready to vibe with Wiz on his latest effort.

BYErika Marie
Wiz Khalifa Drops Off “Multiverse” Ft. THEY. & Girl Talkblur mask

It doesn't matter if he stands alone, offers a collaboration, or updates his catalog with another project—Wiz Khalifa is an artist who consistently releases new music. The Taylor Gang hitmaker is a feel-good figure in Hip Hop who regularly arrives with good vibes and music to chill to, and he returned on New Music Friday (July 29) with his latest album, Multiverse.

This week, Wiz caught up with Stereogum to discuss the inspiration behind creating the record.

"It was to make the best music possible and to have fun and try to come up with something I haven’t done before, but also to really get ideas out that I’ve been having for a minute. The album kind of took shape on its own, with me just trying to create different moments for myself, whether it be a fun and upbeat moment like 'Iced Out Necklace' or a club moment like 'Bad Ass B*tches' or, you know, more serious or soulful moments or segues into things that lyrically I can do. But musically, it’s really cool and it kind of takes you on a journey. That was the idea behind it, just to make something that gives people a chance to sit down and really enjoy some sh*t."

Multiverse hosts looks from THEY. and Girl Talk. Stream the album and share your thoughts.


  1. Big Daddy Wiz ft. Girl Talk
  2. MVP
  3. Memory Lane
  4. 1000 Women ft. THEY.
  5. Like You (Groove 3)
  6. Something Real
  7. High Maintenance
  8. Bad Ass B*tches
  9. Iced Out Necklace
  10. Keys
  11. We Don't Go Out To Nightclubs Anymore/Candlelight Girl
  12. We're Not Even
  13. Homies
  14. Mirror Love (Groove 2)
  15. Goyard Bags ft. THEY.
  16. Nobody Knows
  17. Thank Him



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