ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast has taken a hit over the last few years. Many fans have found the broadcast booth to be a snoozefest, while others have simply moved on to the Manning Cast, where Peyton and Eli Manning get to riff with one another. Needless to say, ESPN has been aware of a need for change, and today, they announced their biggest move yet, as a couple of legends are moving into the booth.

Yes, that’s right, after weeks of rumors, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck have finally been unveiled as the new broadcast tandem for Monday Night Football. These two just ended their relationship with Fox Sports, and now, they will get to bring years of experience to the MNF booth. 

As one can imagine, this led to a ton of reactions on social media. The opinions on this news seemed to be pretty split, as not everyone was thrilled about this. Others, however, felt like this was a huge upgrade from what ESPN was doing before, and that it will bring in new viewers. There are also those who think this will encourage more people to check out the Manning Cast, which is probably somewhat accurate.

You can see some of the best reactions to the news, below. Also, let us know your thoughts on this move, in the comments section.