Janet Jackson Documentary Claims Michael Jackson Would Call Her Names: "Pig, Horse, Cow"

"Janet" will premiere later this month, on January 31st.

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Janet Jackson's story is coming to the small screen. As The Sun reports, the upcoming four-part documentary series will tell the story of the "Scream" singer's rollercoaster of a life, which began with a strict, often mean-spirited father, and according to allegations made in the film, an older brother who would bully her about her weight.

In Janet – which will air on Sky Documentaries and Now TV beginning next Monday – the 55-year-old reveals, "there were times when Mike used to tease me and call me names... 'Pig, horse, slaughter hog, cow.' He would laugh about it and I'd laugh too, but then there was somewhere down inside that it would hurt."

Janet Jackson Documentary Claims Michael Jackson Would Call Her Names: "Pig, Horse, Cow"
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"When you have somebody say you're too heavy, it affects you," the All For You recording artist reflects, sharing that she struggled with her weight from as young as 10 years old, after taking on the role of Penny on Good Times.

"I'm an emotional eater," Jackson explains. "So when I get stressed or something is really bothering me, it comforts me. I did Good Times and that's the beginning of having weight issues and the way I looked at myself."

Although she and her brother were close as children, Janet says she and Michael drifted apart in adulthood, most notably after the release of his Thriller album. "I remember really loving the Thriller album but for the first time in my life I felt it was different between us, a shift was happening."

"That's the time Mike and I started going our separate ways. He just wasn't as fun as he used to be." Elsewhere in the documentary, the Indiana-born songstress spoke on her brother's 1993 child sex abuse allegations, and how they impacted her relationship with him.

Above all, the situation was frustrating for Janet. "We have our own separate lives and even though he's my brother, that has nothing to do with me. But I wanted to be there for him, to support him as much as I possibly could."

It may have had nothing to do with her, but the "Together Again" hitmaker wound up losing out on the biggest brand deal of her career as a result of the "Smooth Criminal" singer's alleged crimes.

"Michael would up giving money to the family. He just wanted it to go away, but that looks like you're guilty."

Janet premieres next Monday, January 31st, with new episodes airing in the following weeks – check out the trailer below.


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