“Weird Al” Yankovic Hilariously Deems Kid Rock’s New Political Song A “Parody”

Kid Rock is taking shots at all the “snowflakes” in his new song.

BYThomas Galindo
“Weird Al” Yankovic Hilariously Deems Kid Rock’s New Political Song A “Parody”

Kid Rock was one the late-1990s and 2000s beloved country-rock-pop musicians, crafting classics like his 2007 hit "All Summer Long." In the late 2010's, fans soured on him for his fervent commitment to Donald Trump and right-wing politics, and he has stayed firm in that stance ever since. In this era, he has been ostracized for problematic remarks and one-sided beefs with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Oprah.

On Nov. 19, he released his new single titled "Don't Tell Me How To Live" featuring Monster Truck. He uses the song to jab at "snowflake" liberals like CNN and NBC who push vaccine mandates, give our participation trophies and practice cancel culture.

The poorly produced music video made its way to Twitter quickly, as users poked fun at Kid Rock for his goofy editing and props, such as him riding around on a giant middle finger as if it were a bird. Some people could not believe he was actually being serious.

"Don't Tell Me How To Live" eventually made its way to "Weird Al" Yankovic's Twitter feed, and he seemed like the perfect voice to chime in on the matter. Being the godfather of all song and music video parodies, Weird Al playfully explained that he had nothing to do with the production of the song: "To everybody that's congratulating me right now on my new Kid Rock parody video, let me clarify - that's not me. That's actually Kid Rock."

Kid Rock's song likely did not get the reception he was hoping for. It must be tough hearing from the best parody creator himself that your authentic song sounds like one.

See the music video for yourself below.

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