He's vocalized for years that he's a member of the Republican Party, so it came as no surprise that Kid Rock performed at a Trump rally this evening (September 14). The Detroit rocker joined Trump's campaign trail as it landed on the east side of the city, and Detroit Free Press reports that Kid Rock took to the stage just a little after sunset. Thousands of people attended the event that reportedly also housed onlookers from the nearby boat club.

Kid Rock, Trump, Rally, Detroit
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"Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker band played a four-song acoustic-style set on a stage atop a barge, following remarks by Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle," the outlet stated. In the 2016 election, it's said that President Donald Trump won the state of Michigan by just a little over 10K votes.

“Joe Biden has decimated American manufacturing," said Trump Jr. during his rally speech. "He’s going to have you believe that now, after half a century, he’s going to change things. Is anyone that stupid? This party doesn’t represent working-class Americans anymore. It doesn’t even represent decent Americans anymore.”

With his 20-minute performance also came news from Kid Rock that he's planning "one last monster tour" in 2021 and then hanging up his microphone. He shared a photo of himself at the doctor's office and wrote in the caption that he has been having neck problems due to his performances. He decided not to cancel his rally appearance because getting Trump re-elected was too important.

"I could care less about the continuous attacks from the left wing media, etc, that have been going on for over 4 years now," Kid Rock wrote. "It's the reason I have turned down countless interviews and TV appearances as I refuse to be their click bait." Check out his full message below.