A Manhattan jury ruled today that 50 Cent must pay Lastonia Leviston $2 million on top of the $5 million in punitive damages he was ordered to pay her two weeks ago as restitution for posting her sex tape online in 2009.

According to the New York Daily News, the jury didn’t feel 50 was sufficiently contrite for his actions.

“I don’t think he was taking it seriously,” said juror Sylvia Rodriguez. “He was winking at one of us, and then he just ran out of the courtroom. That wasn’t necessary… he was funny, which wasn’t working at all for someone who has hurt someone else.”

Rodriguez also said she was skeptical that 50 was impoverished as he led them to believe. “I don’t think he’s broke. If anything he has it hidden,” she said.

Leviston, who has a child by Rick Ross, originally sought as much as $20 million in damages, but she was satisfied with the jury’s decision, saying that she felt she had “been served justice by the courts and vindicated by God.” In regard to 50 Cent, she had this to say: “I hoped he learned a lesson.”

This new development emerged as 50 Cent walked the red carpet for the premiere of “Southpaw,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal. 


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50 Cent Ordered To Pay $2 Million More In Sex Tape Case