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Azealia Banks liberates her "Slay-Z" mixtape to combat shady engineer leaks.

Azealia Banks released her new mixtape Slay-Z without much fanfare. Her approach to promoting music is almost the antithesis of her approach to speaking her mind. A quick search of ‘Azealia Banks’ on the site returns a litany of social media beefs and very little music, so it’s easy to forget exactly why she got famous in the first place.

Slay-Z reminds us all that Azealia Banks is just as capable of dope genre-bending music as she is of saying controversial shit on social media. The 8 track mixtape has songs ranging from bass-heavy trap tracks to house raps that wouldn’t be out of place in a ‘90s rave. Her ability to flow over beats no one else would even go near is impressive, and her song “Big Talk” with Rick Ross is a true banger.

Put your prejudices aside and give this one a listen, you might dig it.

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