DaBaby Claims Self-Defense In Bowling Alley Brawl

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After footage of a brawl between DaBaby's crew and DaniLeigh's brother, Brandon Bills surfaced, DaBaby is now claiming self-defense.

Last week, footage of a brawl between DaBaby, his crew, and DaniLeigh’s brother at a bowling alley surfaced on the internet. The rapper is now claiming that he acted in self-defense. 

The video showed DaBaby and his crew attacking Brandon Bills while he slid across the bowling lanes. The bowling alley, Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California has since banned DaBaby from the premises. He is also under investigation for assault for his role in the fight. 

DaBaby Claims Self-Defense In Bowling Alley Brawl
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Prior to the fight, Bills had voiced his opinions on his sister’s relationship with DaBaby. During the video, Bills said that he would fight him over his treatment of DaniLeigh. The two split sometime last year in the midst of a video that showed DaniLeigh being put out of DaBaby’s home. Last November, police were called to his home after reports of assault at the hands of DaniLeigh. The singer is now facing two assault charges from that night. 

A TMZ paparazzi ran into DaBaby and questioned him about the incident. He responded, “Self defense. Shouldn’t run around threatening people.” After the video went viral, Bills commented, “If I only had 1 homie that night everything would’ve been different not 1 person came to help me out.” The incident left Bills with cuts and bruises to his face. Following the fight, DaBaby took to Instagram posting photos as if unphased by the fight. According to information gathered by TMZ, an employee at the bowling alley believes that Bills was the victim. Based on footage from the bowling alley, that belief will be supported. 


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