Coi Leray Announces Her Album Is Finished

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Coi Leray
Coi's debut album is on the way.

Coi Leray's 2021 blow-up was sensational. It seemed like each single she released became a hit, whether it be "No More Parties" with Lil Durk, "BIG PURR" with Pooh Shiesty or "TWINNEM" with DaBaby.

Most of these tracks achieved the amount of notoriety they did because of how prominent they were on TikTok. In fact, for TikTok's Top 10 U.S. Songs list for 2021 released last week, Coi's "TWINNEM" landed at No. 5. However, Coi likes to see herself as an artist beyond the scope of TikTok.

When claims of her being solely a "TikTok artists" reached their peak around the start of November, she took to Twitter to quell those takes: "Call me a tik tok artist, but just so you know. When an artist drops music, it gets uploaded to TikTok as well. Whether they chose to promote and have fun with the record, that’s on them… but I got a family to feed, ima get mines regardless."

Now, attempting to rise beyond the TikTok artist label, Coi Leray is set to drop her debut album. She has been working on it for most of the second half of 2021, but experienced delays because her record label felt she was not yet ready for the moment. When a fan asked her for an update on the album in October, she let them know why it wasn't out yet: "Na I’m sorry. Feel like I’m ready for an album but my label doesn’t think so. So I’m just going with the flow. I hate the flow."

After she has met Justin Bieber in the studio and posted snippets of unreleased music, it now appears the album is on the way soon. Coi posted a picture of her tracklist for the project with all the song titles blurred out, saying she's ready to drop: "My album done . Enjoy y’all holidays… "

There is currently no cover art or release date for Leray's album, but hopefully she can get it to her fans as soon as possible.

Check out Coi Leray's album announcement below.

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