PReign Calls Out Tory Lanez Over "The 6"

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PReign calls out Tory Lanez for speaking out against "the 6."

Uh-oh, drama's brewing up north. PReign just called out Tory Lanez on Instagram before quickly deleting his post. There's a screenshot in the above gallery, and as you can see, Reign wrote, "Hey!! Kid with all the beads on. Behave yourself before I really have to remind people your from Brampton. N*ggaz let this rap shit gas them," next to a picture of Lanez wearing a few bead necklaces. 

It's not exactly clear as to why Reign directed the post at Lanez, but it seems to be in response to a tweet Lanez made (and, also, quickly deleted) a few days ago. "This whole calling Toronto the '6' thing .. It's not cool bro," wrote Lanez. Though Lanez deleted that tweet (see below), he has since tweeted, "I support everything that comes from Toronto. Don't let me be misunderstood," presumably responding to backlash over his earlier tweet. 

It seems like Reign, unlike Lanez, does think that "the 6," as popularized by Drake, is a cool nickname for Toronto. As Reign stated on Instagram, Lanez' hometown is Brampton, a suburb of Toronto. Reign hails from Scarborough, which officially became part of Toronto in 1998.

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PReign Calls Out Tory Lanez Over "The 6"
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