Those old tweets are known to bite celebrities in the butt and Nikki Bella is the latest to catch backlash. The professional wrestling star’s 2013 interview on Fashion Police resurfaced where Nikki commented on Chyna’s appearance, remarking that she didn’t know if Chyna was a “man or a woman.” WWE icon Chyna, real name Joan Marie Laurer, passed away from an accidental overdose in 2016, and her remaining dedicated fans continue to remember her fondly and defend her legacy.

After a Twitter user reposted the clip, Chyna’s official Twitter account executed a post-and-delete, as reported by TooFab, regarding the resurfaced interview. “That video from the @BellaTwins is disrespectful,” they wrote.

Nikki Bella Apologizes For 2013 Interview Remarks About Late WWE Icon Chyna
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“Chyna would of been hurt by this. But we will just show love. I just hope they are sorry. We will run this page and campaign with light not hate,” the response continued. After enduring public ridicule, Nikki Bella offered an apology for her remarks.

“I want to sincerely apologize for a comment I made over 8 years ago on Fashion Police. I am sorry and embarrassed by my 29 year old self, who offended Chyna and, in turn, hurt her family and others,” Nikki wrote. “I wish I could take it back. Please learn from me, it’s not worth hurting someone’s feelings for a meaningless laugh.”

“Chyna will always be remembered as an icon and pioneer who helped create the opportunities for women in wrestling that exist today. Thank you Chyna!” Check out the resurfaced interview, Nikki’s apology, and Chyna’s Twitter account’s response to Nikki’s post below.