K. Michelle Admits That She's A Fan Of Caitlyn Jenner

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Collage featuring K. Michelle & Caitlyn Jenner
K. Michelle admires Caitlyn Jenner's individuality, but she's not convinced that she should be running for governor of California.

Despite her accomplishments as an Olympic athlete and the mainstream representation that she has brought to the Trans community, Caitlyn Jenner is an extremely controversial figure in Hollywood. The socialite has aligned herself with the Republican Party, once supported former president Donald Trump, and said that trans athletes shouldn't be able to compete against women.

Naturally, many people have become critical of Jenner, but in a rather random tweet, R&B singer-songwriter K. Michelle admits that she really likes Caitlyn Jenner and what she stands for.

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"Am I wrong because I like Caitlyn Jenner," K. Michelle asks rhetorically. "I'm sorry there's just something strong to me about a person not being afraid to be EXACTLY who they are without the fear of judgement from others."

Apparently, K. Michelle is a huge fan of Caitlyn Jenner's individuality, and she doesn't care if her admiration for Jenner is a controversial take. However, the All Monsters Are Human artist does draw a line when it comes to Caitlyn Jenner entering her name in the race for the governor of California. In response to a fan saying she doesn't support her political aspirations, K. Michelle replies, "I don't either but I do feel it's crazy how mad people get at her [for] being herself." 

For those unfamiliar with Caitlyn Jenner's recent foray into politics, the Olympic gold medalist is, in fact, running against Gavin Newsom for the title of California's next governor. Check out her most recent campaign-related Instagram post, in which she denounces critical race theory, below.

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