Al B. Sure! Indirectly Alleges That Kim Porter May Have Been Murdered

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Al B. Sure! at the 2019 Urban One Honors.
R&B singer and father of Kim Porter's son Quincy may have some other theories about his ex-wife’s death.

Two years ago in 2019, the world of music gathered to mourn the tragic passing of actress, model, and mother of four children, Kim Porter. Porter had died of pneumonia. It was reported that she was sick with the “flu” before asking Diddy, the father of three of her children, to take care of the kids to ensure they didn’t get sick themselves. Three days later on November 15th, Porter died in her sleep from a lung infection.

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In the direct aftermath of her passing, family, friends, and fans were left in shock, not knowing how a healthy woman could have suddenly died of pneumonia at just 47 years old. Many tributes posted to social media about her death paid love and respect to Diddy and Porter’s greater family.

“So devastating to be writing about such a young mom!” Xscape’s Tameka “Tiny” Cottle wrote on Instagram.

Lately, however, R&B singer Al B. Sure!— the father of Porter's son Quincy Brown — is proposing the possibility of her death being the result of foul play, and not due to the complications of illness. The LA County Coroner of Medical Examination determined that Porter passed from “lobar pneumonia” and her death certified as being due to “natural causes."

Sure! claimed that in the time leading up to Porter’s death, she was “running” from someone or something, and that he had told her — recounted in a now-deleted Instagram caption — to call the FBI. Only later did he add instead that she was running "a marathon". 

From there, he called for a reinvestigation of Porter’s death, which wouldn't be the first time he has suggested to do so. 

Though Sure! received thousands of comments in wake of the post and has since removed any mention of the FBI in the original caption, nothing has actually been confirmed. 

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