Yella Beezy Explains He Was Arrested Over Hand Sanitizer

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Yella Beezy, Arrest
The rapper detailed his recent arrest and said police were desperate to take him down.

Days ago, news circulated that Yella Beezy had been arrested. We reported that the Texas rapper was detained on drug and weapons charges, and now that he is out of police custody, Beezy is explaining what happened. According to the rapper, police were desperate to arrest him on bogus charges because when they pulled him over, they searched his vehicle and found a bottle that looked as if it was Lean or drugs. However, Beezy stated that his friend has a hand sanitizer business where he uses medicinal-looking bottles as a gimmick.

The rapper showed off the hand sanitizer and explained that the police weren't concerned with actually testing what was inside of the bottle before taking him into custody.

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"Wen they run test on the Hand Sanitizer the charges gone be dropped," Yella Beezy wrote in the caption. "Lied again and said the dogs 'alerted' on my car - everybody know i don’t smoke!" He called it "BS" because he allegedly attempted to have the officer take a moment to prove that the bottle didn't have hand sanitizer in it.

"I told the man smell it or put it on your hand and they wouldn’t," he continued before mentioning the gun charge. "Couldn’t do nothing about the guns Cuzz everything legit but when guns and 'drugs' together that’s a case . Even tho it’s hand sanitizer they still charged me until they find out lol ... all they had to do was smell it or put some on [shrug emoji] took money , jewelry and phones for what ???? Crazy !"

Watch Yella Beezy explain himself below.

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