Gillie Da King’s going viral, and this time, it has nothing to do with Million Dollaz Worth Of Game. The rapper-turned-podcast host was on the field for Jackson State vs. Florida A&M where he was assisting coach Deion Sanders. Unfortunately, it seems that his excitement during the game got the best of him.

Gillie Da King's Team Spirit Leads To Penalty For College Football Team
Scott Gries/Getty Images

While Gillie stood next to Sanders during Sunday’s game, he ran down the sideline with Jackson State’s defender to the end zone. What was meant to be a touchdown turned into an unsportsmanlike penalty for Jackson State after the player handed Gillie who spiked it. The clip made the rounds across social media but what was even more humorous was Gillie’s reaction to the matter. “Dey gave me a unsportsmanlike penalty,” he wrote with a clip of the playback. “I didn’t know he was gone throw me the ball so I did the only thing I knew.”

Jackson State did go on to win the game but Gillie took to Instagram where he poked fun at Sanders. “This was @deionsanders face when his player threw me the ball and I spiked it,” he wrote alongside a photo of Deoin Sanders looking visibly upset.

Gillie’s assistant coaching duties have likely ended after his move on the field but it looks like Deion Sanders was gracious enough to offer him a role with the drill team. Check the post below.