In Vino Veritas, as the Latin saying goes -- loosely translated to in wine, there is truth. It's part of why Noreaga and DJ EFN's hilarious and insightful Drink Champs stands tall as one of the rap game's most entertaining series, not to mention one of the most informative. With the booze free-flowing, many unexpected stories tend to surface, a testament to Noreaga's ability to bond with his hip-hop peers. Case in point, the latest episode of Drink Champs featuring Gillie Da Kid and Wallo 267, hosts of the hit podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game, which led to a revelation that had the table in fits of laughter. 

Gillie Da Kid

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"We were strippers before," says a straight-faced Gillie, reflecting on his early days. Nore cuts in -- "I thought ya'll was playing." Wallo jumps in, stating "we had a little stint, Nore. We was making more money than drug dealing." EFN appears utterly incredulous: "ya'll were stripping?!" "Yeah," replies Wallo, prompting EFN to double down with the same question. "Yeah!" maintains Wallo. "His name was Firecracker, mine was TTD. I'm just being straight up, we real n***as. We had to get the money. I should have stayed stripping, I wouldn't have went to jail."

"You're fucking me up!" says Nore, in the midst of a laughing fit. "We were at a club called Fox Valley, real talk," says Gillie. "Everybody in Philly knows it back in the day." EFN asks whether the pair were a duo, prompting further madness to ensue. "This new @DrinkChamps episode is hilarious," captions Nore, alongside the hilarious clip. "Who knew @Gillie_Da_King & @Wallo267 were strippers in their past life?"