At midnight on Friday, R&B newcomer August 08 shared his latest single, “Keep Me Around.” The two-minute and 22-second long song sees the south LA native sing over a dreamy soundscape “filled with experimentation and raw emotion,” as Wonderland Magazine puts it.

“I wanted to speak on real-life situations and what we go through in relationships,” the artist said of his new release. “I never wanna shy away from the raw emotion and mood swings that come with loving someone.”

If you’re loving “Keep Me Around,” you’ll be happy to know that 08 has a new project, titled Seasick, on the way soon. It’s been reported that the album “will take us through a thematic arc,” so expect plenty of August’s emotion to come through over the beats.

Along with the single, the California-born up and comer shared a new video, which you can watch above.

Quotable Lyrics:

You play victim, that ain’t no surprise
You say you miss me but actin’ Mickey
Hate to say it but we too alike
Callin’ at the wrong time on some weird shit
You hear me out
Poppin’ up at 3AM, in your feelings
Knowin’ that I like it
I let you in ’cause I love a bad decision