Eminem Reveals His Favourite Menu Item From Mom’s Spaghetti In New Interview

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“I’m not trying to offend anyone, but if you’re a f*cking idiot, don’t eat Mom’s Spaghetti,” the rapper said in an interview on opening day.

On September 29th, Eminem celebrated the grand opening of his new Detroit restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti. Some stars would stick to an Instagram post to share the big news, but Em went above and beyond by surprising some customers that had waited in line for hours with a free meal and some face-to-face time.

“This is kind of crazy. It’s a song lyric, turned into a f*cking meme, turned into a restaurant,” the Sirius XM host said to the rapper on opening day.

“In ‘Lose Yourself’ I was saying it from the perspective of Jimmy Smith Jr., the character I was playing in the movie…You make a spaghetti sandwich. It’s definitely some white trash shit. I still eat it today,” the 48-year-old responded.

The menu at Mom’s Spaghetti is short and sweet, offering patrons spaghetti (with or without meatballs), a vegan option, and Eminem’s personal favourite, the spaghetti sandwich.

“Don’t even eat a bite of your spaghetti until you put it in the bread, because otherwise you’re gonna ruin the whole f*cking thing. Don’t be stupid. If I f*cking catch you doing that without the f*cking bread, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Hell, there’s gonna be hell to pay,” the “Ass Like That” rapper told listeners at his grand opening.

“I’m not trying to offend anyone, but if you’re a f*cking idiot, don’t eat Mom’s Spaghetti.”

He and the host also discussed other potential menu items, with another cheesy favourite topping the list.

“We need to do Mac & Cheese, nobody’s gonna say no to that. But it’s gotta be the really cheap kind, I’m telling you that’s the best,” Eminem told his friends.

You can listen to the whole interview with Sirius XM below, and make sure to stop by Mom’s Spaghetti the next time you’re in the Detroit area.


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