Stalley and Apollo Brown’s joint project is almost here. The two have been teasing the release of Blacklight over the past few weeks, releasing a few singles to get fans prepared for the full body of work. This week, they came through with their latest offering, “We Outside.” Apollo Brown’s dreamy production is the foundation for Stalley to emphasize the importance of integrity and hustle over clout and fame. The hook ties together Stalley’s ambition for dollars with a sample of Kool G Rap and Nas’ “Fast Life” opening bar.

Stalley and Apollo Brown’s latest single marks the third offering from Blacklight. The two previously dropped, “Humble Wins” and “No Monsters.”

Check out the latest from Stalley and Apollo Brown below. Blacklight is due out on Nov. 19th.

Quotable Lyrics
Bein’ outside is a rush
Adrenaline rushin’ through veins
Ain’t always love on this side
We even hustle through pain
Whatever it takes to feed the family
Gotta put food on plates
Sometimes the prayers ran dry
We had to make our own faith